Handy for materials handling

By integrating the Weidmüller FieldPower® contact block in the MOVIFIT® basic connection box from SEW-EURODRIVE, all of the feed-in requirements are satisfied with a single component

G lobalisation is entering a new phase: with emerging markets booming, more than two billion new consumers are entering the global market. At the same time, general mobility is constantly rising while resources are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, global commodity flows have to be controlled ever more efficiently. This is one of the challenges faced by SEW-EURODRIVE customers, who have to constantly increase the cost and time efficiency of planning, installation and commissioning from logistics centres spread across the world. Operations that are as continuous as possible and the use of components that are gentle on resources is of decisive economic importance in this regard.
Simple project planning, installation and commissioning
To economically satisfy the requirements of simple applications in horizontal materials handling, SEW-EURODRIVE deliberately reduced its decentralised MOVIFIT® basic drive controller to the essential functionalities and properties. The power elements can be used as frequency converters up to 1.5 kW and motor starters up to 4 kW or 2 x 2.2 kW. When designing the product, SEW-EURODRIVE attached a great deal of importance to combining an installation process that was as fast and error-free as possible with pluggable connectivity.
 Planungs- und installationsfreundlich: dezentrale Antriebstechnik mit modularen Energiebussegmenten
Easy to plan and install: decentralised drive technology with modular power bus segments

The product philosophy of MOVIFIT® is characterised by clear functionality, a robust housing design, a high protection class and simple project planning, installation and commissioning. It was precisely these positive properties that SEWEURODRIVE wanted to implement in the grid connection too.


With this in mind, the drive expert opted for the FieldPower® contact block from Weidmüller, which was integrated directly into the device, in order to implement the grid connection. Combined with modern, reliable quickconnection technology, the integrated solution provides customers with extremely short installation times and reduces the investment costs for their systems.

Demonstrable time and material savings
The Weidmüller FieldPower® power bus system can be used wherever power needs to be distributed over large distances. The power can be picked up at any point close to the consumer. With its uncut power line, the system is characterised by a virtually unnoticeable voltage drop. These properties make FieldPower® predestined for the logistics-based conveyor systems that SEW-EURODRIVE operates with its drive solutions.
Having the FieldPower® contact block integrated in the MOVIFIT® basic connection box, means that one single component satisfies all of the feed-in requirements as well as those for the interface to the plugged drive unit. This simplifies assembly and allows the component assembly to be manufactured cost-efficiently. The reliable contact to the power line via IDC connection technology is synonymous with particularly fast installation, as the uncut technology enables a complete drive train consisting of MOVIFIT® basic drives in line topology to be assembled using just a single cable. The power supply can be connected using standard cables.
“Integrating the FieldPower® contact block in our MOVIFIT® basic connection box went down extremely
 Mit der Integration des FieldPower®-Kontaktblocks in die MOVIFIT®-basic-Anschlussbox sind mit nur einem einzigen Bauteil alle Anforderungen an die Netzeinspeisung erfüllt
Having the FieldPower® contact block integrated in the MOVIFIT® basic connection box means that all the feed-in requirements are satisfied with a single component.
well with our customers. The integral IDC technology demonstrably saves a great deal of time and material during installation,” sums up Patrick Plechinger of SEW-EURODRIVE, discussing the feedback obtained from practice. “This naturally has a beneficial effect on the plant’s overall costs as well. Cutting cables, stripping wires and crimping wire-end ferrules is now a thing of the past.”


FieldPower® Drive

Basis for decentralised drive technology

Whether in car production plants, logistics warehouses or airports – FieldPower® is proving its worth as an energy distributor for managing decentralised motors from renowned suppliers. And with good reason. The variable FieldPower® contact module supports both the pre-assembly of cable sets and the fast and error-free installation at the construction site: Pre-assembled line elements only have to be connected to the appropriate plant modules. Also, the modularisation of the power bus segments makes it easier to check functions and power.