Energy consumption under control

Thanks to their high measurement accuracy, the energy meters of the “Power Monitor” series form the ideal basis for setting up an active energy management system

A high level of transparency in terms of the energy requirements of machines during their various operational statuses not only achieves noticeable savings. It also guarantees grid quality and, not least, extends a machine’s service life,” affirms Jens Muttschall, Product Manager at Weidmüller. “Our Power Monitors measure

and visualise all the relevant parameters with a high level of accuracy, thereby providing a precise overview of how much energy is being consumed over time. One of the features that sets them apart is the extremely simple installation process, which makes them just as suitable for new installations and machines as it does for upgrades.”

Exact conclusions for energy management

The “Power Monitor” devices precisely measure current, voltage, power, performance factor, apparent power and reactive power for every phase connected, as well as in the total line. In this respect, current levels from just 1 mA are precisely registered, allowing even small amounts of power to be recorded for devices in stand-by mode, for instance. With their outstanding accuracy class and a display update every 0.1 seconds, the energy meters satisfy accuracy requirements pursuant to IEC 62053-21, the European standard for electronic energy meters.
The “Power Monitor” has already been put to successful use in Weidmüller’s own production facilities
The new Power Monitor 51 A, which permits an increased degree of system integration thanks to two digital inputs and outputs, offers additional analysis functions. This makes it possible, for instance, to switch to an energy-saving mode or trigger alarms, thus effectively preventing machine damage.

Rounded solution package

“One predestined field of application for our Power Monitor is the automotive industry, with all of its automated manufacturing processes and other infrastructures. Here, the lifecycle depth is very distinct, and consumption has to be calculated right down to the smallest component,” explains Muttschall.


“Our Power Monitor has proven itself to be a fantastic asset. The consumption of energy-intensive applications, such as fully automated welding robots, can easily be controlled by appropriate measurements. Our industrial current transformers and communication components, such as the Serial/Ethernet converters for integrating the Power Monitors in existing Ethernet structures, round off the solution package.”

Power Monitor devices support Weidmüller's innovative heat recovery system and energy monitoring with precise measured values


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Published in November 2013