Tackle power supply economically

Power supply expert Minwei Xu from Weidmüller explains the properties of the new PROeco series, which combines high performance, failure protection and a low height

WIN! With PROeco, Weidmüller is expanding its range in the power supply segment. Which requirements do the new switched-mode power supply units respond to?
Xu: Even in series machine manufacturing, switched-mode power supply units can create a real competitive edge thanks to above-average performance values. We therefore designed our PROeco series especially with efficiency in mind.

The high degree of compactness is particularly important in this respect. With a depth of 100 mm, PROeco even fits into very small cabinets. And in terms of the width as well, it requires up to 50 % less space. But the small format also includes all the basic functions.

The efficient PROeco series offers all of the basic functions and delivers impressively high performance and flexibility

Thanks to the provision of protection against excess temperature, short-circuits and overload, our customers are using PROeco in machine construction applications within the packaging, machine tools, timber processing or materials handling segments, for example. Other suitable areas of use include simple process applications or renewable energies.
WIN! The promise of universal application means that our solutions are always equipped to meet especially demanding requirements. Which properties help PROeco score top marks?

Xu: With their high degree of efficiency of up to 93 % and minimal no-load losses, PROeco switched-mode power supply units are not just big energy-savers. Their service life is extended too, as there is no significant build-up of heat Their robust design means that the devices also work reliably in a wide temperature range from

–25 °C to +70 °C and with a high MTBF value of more than 500,000 hours.

Users can easily make certain that their devices are in a good condition at any time. The tricolour LED display for example, gives an advance visual warning at 90 % of rated output current. There's also the integrated status relay, which makes analysing statuses and errors easier both during commissioning and under operational conditions.

WIN! Weidmüller's range of power supply units is characterised by the fact that they can be combined as required. Which solutions can be implemented with PROeco?
Xu: For specific applications, we offer industry-specific solutions featuring practical add-on modules. Redundant power supplies, UPS components and capacity modules increase system reliability and prevent costly machine downtimes. Within the machine construction segment for example, in packaging machines and conveying systems, which include a large number of small cabinets. By combining our PROeco switched-mode power supply units with the corresponding add-on modules, even complex requirements can be implemented in the smallest of spaces as part of an application-appropriate solution.

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