Timeline della rivista

Una panoramica di tutte le edizioni della rivista WIN! per i clienti Weidmüller

WIN! Special SPS IPC Drives 2013
  • Simplified machine automation with maximum performance – u-remote, the new remote I/O system
  • u-remote in action – driving performance in intelligent post-processing systems for newspaper production
  • Data communication with WLAN modules – uninterruptible data transmission over long distances in palletising systems

WIN! No. 13 | 2013

  • Focusing on the future for the power supply of tomorrow
  • Energy efficiency embodied in Weidmüller's production process
  • The key factor functional reliability in traffic engineering

WIN! Special Hannover Messe 2013

  • Progress that puts others in the shade – the PrintJet ADVANCED for the industries of today and tomorrow
  • Withstanding the test of time – stainless steel markers for the food-processing industry
  • From negative to positive – cost-effective conversion with solid-state relays

WIN! No. 12 | 2013

  • Modular plugging, flexible testing – plug-in test system for the protection of equipment in high- and medium-voltage systems
  • Extensive safety monitoring for biogas treatment based on membranes
  • Surge protection concepts with an edge for roof-mounted photovoltaic systems

WIN! Special SPS IPC Drives 2012

  • Future-proof lightning and surge protection – planning security and protection for your investment at the highest level presently available
  • Industry 4.0 – solutions for the factory of the future
  • Advances in tyre production using integrated metal marking

WIN! No. 11 | 2012

  • 1,500 generator junction boxes in record time for Europe's largest existing photovoltaic system
  • Successfully tested – SIL relay for corrosive atmospheres
  • Multivoltage input takes off – TERMSERIES relay module for airplane manufacturers

WIN! Special Hannover Messe 2012

  • SIL in practice – reliable emergency shut-down
  • Systemised marking – permanent labelling solution for E-mobility charging stations
  • 72-hour sample service – a global promise
  • The all-rounder for precise signals in machinery – TERMSERIES relay modules and solid-state relays

WIN! No. 10 | 2012

  • “Wind in our sails” – we interview Weidmüller’s Chairman, Christian Gläsel, and CEO Dr. Peter Köhler
  • Power distribution for trains under extreme climatic conditions
  • See well and safely in the rotor hub of a wind turbine

WIN! Special SPS IPC Drives 2011

  • The best connections for process plant control systems
  • Redundant communication structures for high levels of plant availability in wind farms
  • Fit for IT networks – a suitable power level for every performance type

WIN! No. 9 | 2011

  • Mega cities, mega trends, mega opportunities – solutions for tomorrow‘s infrastructure
  • Charging infrastructure for electrical mobility
  • Sturdy distribution enclosures for marine cranes

WIN! Special Hannover Messe 2011

  • Efficient fibre optic transmission in cabling for robots
  • Compact connection technology for control electronics
  • Complete solutions for intrinsically safe circuits
  • New active industrial Ethernet components

WIN! No. 8 | 2011

  • Quality management as the driving force behind improvements

  • Monitoring and control of waste management systems

  • New generation of analogue signal converters with high functional density


WIN! Special SPS IPC Drives 2010

  • Klippon® enclosures – quality in every detail

  • Application specific remote maintenance solution

  • Multifunctional and compact terminal blocks for control systems


WIN! No. 7 | 2010

  • Safe connections for a large photovoltaic project

  • HighPower connections in high-speed trains

  • Retro-fitting robots with wireless technology


WIN! No. 7 | 2010 as online version


WIN! Special Hannover Messe 2010

  • Increasing efficiency and cost optimisation in electrical cabinet construction
  • Reliable supply of water with lightning and surge protection
  • Clever yield optimisation for photovoltaic systems
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WIN! No. 6 | 2009/2010

  • Current and voltage transformer terminal POCON – a winning model
  • Hybrid solution for drive engineering
  • Succesful device design by integrating competences
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WIN! No. 5 | 2009

  • The future is near enough to touch

  • Simplification of complexity

  • Tailored test procedures for all needs

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WIN! No. 4 | 2008

  • From windmill to high-tech products

  • The Middle East boom region

  • The future in automation

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WIN! No. 3 | 2007/2008

  • Supplying drinking water for Saudi Arabia
  • Point-and-click for automated welding
  • Small components for large cranes
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WIN! No. 2 | 2007

  • Taking the train to the roof of the world
  • Interface converters for Rolls-Royce Marine Division
  • Innovative hoistway wiring systems for elevators
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WIN! No. 1 | 2006/2007

  • Network components: Industrial Ethernet, SAI, FieldPower®
  • SecIE – security and administration in Industrial Ethernet
  • Overvoltage protection with the PU II series