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Referenze e articoli

Scoprite di più sull'argomento relé e relé a stato solido e sulle loro applicazioni pratiche

A lot of power over a long-lasting service life

Power solid-state relays reliably switch high AC loads of up to 75 A without any signs of wear. IBL-Löttechnik therefore relies on Weidmüller's long-lasting electronic components for regulating and monitoring heating loads in its systems.

Single track to success

Thanks to TERMSERIES with multi-voltage input, multi-track relay solutions are a thing of the past. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) benefits from this with its newly standardised overhead line control cabinets.

Universal cabinet system: a solution based on partnership

In order to comply with the high demands placed on the functionality of safety equipment, Bosch Rexroth has developed its own, self-monitoring control solution. A lot of performance is packed into a small space. The recipe for success lies in deploying an efficient combination of components from the partners Bosch Rexroth and Weidmüller.

Hand-in-hand approach for the pharmaceutical industry

The importance of product quality takes on a whole new dimension in the healthcare sector. The precise processes involved in the production of medicines therefore need strong partners, such as Bürkert and Weidmüller.

Safety is a top priority even in miniature machines

The requirements placed on miniature machines are becoming ever more stringent. They must be as compact and economical as possible and, at the same time, ensure safe operation with secure emergency stop switches. In AM2C's machinery manufacture facilities, Weidmüller electronics components are saving a considerable amount of space.

Series on "SIL in practice"

Reliably shutting down during an emergency, safe application in corrosive atmospheres and furnace control in thermo-process facilities

Seamless aluminium production thanks to precise signals

While modernising their control cabinets at an aluminium production facility, the Brazilian engineering and assembly company EBM faced leakage current and a lack of space. The solution: TERMSERIES relays.

Uplifting solution: Airplane maker won over by multivoltage input

The recipe of system integrator Simav's success contains high levels of flexibility and time efficiency. A decisive ingredient in the refurbishment of the plant automation of plane maker Alenia Aermacchi was the TERMSERIES relay module multivoltage input.

Pinpoint adjustment for wafer-thin foils

In a 6-mm series terminal format, the TERMOPTO solid-state relay supports the precise adjustment of technological controls in the foil rolling process of world market leader, Achenbach Buschhütten.

Secure, solid, specific

PetroChina approves the use of Weidmüller‘s SIL 3 certified safety relays, explosion protected distribution enclosures and specially adapted interface units for the automation of the processes within their new oil refinery.