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Innovazioni per l'industria dell'Energia

Soluzioni pratiche per la vostra industria
Le nostre innovazioni 2015


Transclinic 16i+ string monitoring device

Detects faults in photovoltaic systems in good time
String monitoring device for 1,500 V DC photovoltaic systems

PV Combiner box 1,500 V

Improve the profitability of photovoltaic systems
Customer-specific combiner box up to 1,500 V

Logic Unit – WCU 501 and WCU 650

Solve simple instrumentation and control tasks economically
Robust logic units for process automation in harsh environments

High-end power supplies – PROtop

Supplying power even under difficult environmental conditions
PROtop – the innovative power supply for demanding applications

Analogue signal converters ACT20P limit monitoring relays

Quick and reliable monitoring of limit values
ACT20P limit monitoring relays for a wide range of applications

Automation solution for small wind turbines

You wish for an all-inclusive supplier
Our complete solution meets all requirements

RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector

Make your connections fit for the future
With the advanced solutions from RockStar® ModuPlug

MultiMark heat shrinks

Custom-fit labelling for your individuel needs
Quick and reliable labelling with MultiMark heat shrink

New testing instruments

Testing a wide range of system functions
Our instruments provide a helping hand with your electrical installation

ACT20P-CMT and ACT20P-CML analogue signal converters

Precisely measure and monitor AC and DC currents
ACT20P-CMT and CML current measuring transducers

ACT20C analogue signal converters with current measuring transducers

Targeted monitoring and optimisation of plants and processes
ACT20C station with current-measuring transducers

Surge protection devices VARITECTOR PU II UL

Secure protection of power supplies in the American market
VARITECTOR PU II with new UL approval

Surge protection devices VARITECTOR PU I 280 V

Protect energy networks cost-effectively against overvoltage
VARITECTOR PU I Surge Protection in post-meter applications


Marking systems for the entire cabinet
MultiMark is the smart all-in-one solution

New MultiCard variants

Utilise the various options for system labelling
MultiCard extensions for even greater consistency

Energy monitoring – Energy logger

Provide measurement data efficiently and conveniently
Our energy logger collects consumption and process data

Energy monitoring – ecoExplorer go

Conveniently record and clearly display measurement data
ecoExplorer go simplifies parameterisation and visualisation

Energy monitoring – Energy meters

Measure energy consumption of production systems in detail
Weidmüller energy measuring devices make energy efficiency transparent

Energy monitoring – ecoExplorer

Visualise, analyse and optimise energy flows on an individual basis
Energy controlling plus efficiency analysis with ecoExplorer

Energy monitoring – u-remote – 3-phase performance measurement module

Record electrical data of single consumers in real time
Energy consumption measurement and monitoring with u-remote

Energy monitoring – Energy analysis devices

Holistic analysis of the quality of electrical supply networks
Energy analysis devices for transparency and improved plant availability

Energy monitoring – an integrated range of solutions

Effectively maximise energy efficiency and machine availability
Total Energy Monitoring increases transparency and process stability

ACT20P-WavePak analogue signal converters

For high process reliability with easy installation work
ACT20P-WavePak: the easy-to-configure signal converter

WM4 C with crimp-connection technology

Reliable component connection in photovoltaic systems
WM4 C – crimp-connection technology in accordance with DIN EN 50521

Plastic explosion-proof cable glands for Ex e and Ex i applications

Safeguard processes in potentially explosive atmospheres
Ex cable glands for safe devices as per EN 60079-0:2012

stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool

Stripping hard, halogen-free, XL-sized insulation materials
The stripax® ULtimate XL with an extended cross-section range

M-Print® PRO eCAD software

Efficient and comprehensive use of design data
M-Print® PRO eCAD, for exporting data from EPLAN Electric P8


You want to make automation easier and more efficient
u-remote maximises your performance
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Secure communication with simpler addressing
Our firewall/NAT router efficiently integrates equivalent IP subnetworks

ACT20C Gateway

Take a preventative approach to monitoring plants and processes
ACT20C gateway conveys precise status information on your devices

ACT20C analogue signal converters with current measuring transducers

Be purposeful when monitoring and optimising plants and processes
ACT20C station with current measuring transducers for due transparency

Managed industrial Ethernet switches

Trouble-free data traffic in complex automation systemsy
Our managed switches ensure optimum network performance

FreeCon Contactless

Contactless power transmission – maintenance-free and up to 240 W
FreeCon Contactless: high power density, maximum efficiency
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FrontCom® Vario service interfaces

Access plants and processes more efficiently
FrontCom® Vario offers more power on half the space

WPD X01-X03 main line branch terminals

Connect main lines on the smallest of spaces
Slim main line branch terminals approved for aluminium conductors

WPD X00 & X04-X09 distribution blocks

The secure and efficient way of distributing supplied power
Optimised distribution blocks guarantee comfort and space gains

Tower Installation: FieldPower® Wind Energy

A bright future for the efficiency of your systems
We combine lighting and power to one solution
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