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Innovazioni per i Device Manufacturer

Soluzioni pratiche per la vostra industria
Le nostre innovazioni 2015


RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector

Make your connections fit for the future
With the advanced solutions from RockStar® ModuPlug

OMNIMATE Power LUF 10.00 PCB terminals

Safe and efficient connection of power electronics devices
Using our LUF 10.00 PCB terminal with PUSH IN connection system

MultiMark heat shrinks

Custom-fit labelling for your individuel needs
Quick and reliable labelling with MultiMark heat shrink

New testing instruments

Testing a wide range of system functions
Our instruments provide a helping hand with your electrical installation

OMNIMATE Signal BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 connectors

Use compact, functional connection solutions
BLF 2.5/SL 2.5 PUSH IN device connectors

OMNIMATE Power PCB connector SVD 7.62HP/... 270

Implement complex supply solutions in the smallest of spaces
OMNIMATE Power – the compact, two-row connection solutions

OMNIMATE Signal LS2HF PCB terminals

The simple way to connect wires with cross-sections up to 1.5 mm²
LS2HF with PUSH IN connection system on two connection levels


Shape design-in processes in a uniquely efficient way
Web-based OMNIMATE® Services guide you to the perfect result

OMNIMATE Signal PCB plug-in connector Lock & Release

Release and lock with the turn of a lever
Particularly safe and space saving with OMNIMATE Signal

OMNIMATE Power PCB plug-in connector SVFL/BVFL 7.62HP

Convenient connection of stripped short wires
OMNIMATE Power with openable “PUSH IN” connection

OMNIMATE Power panel feed-through terminal SVF

Safe-to-touch, solid and pluggable
Our feed-through terminals also support thick housing walls


Marking systems for the entire cabinet
MultiMark is the smart all-in-one solution

New MultiCard variants

Utilise the various options for system labelling
MultiCard extensions for even greater consistency