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Referenze e articoli

Scoprite di più sulle applicazioni pratiche delle nostre soluzioni d'alimentazione

Universal cabinet system: a solution based on partnership

In order to comply with the high demands placed on the functionality of safety equipment, Bosch Rexroth has developed its own, self-monitoring control solution. A lot of performance is packed into a small space. The recipe for success lies in deploying an efficient combination of components from the partners Bosch Rexroth and Weidmüller.

Permanently supplied: a multi-faceted claim

Without the necessary power, robot arms will not move, conveyor belts will not roll, and valves will not open. Dr.-Ing Kai Lorentz, Head of Infrastructure, explains how Weidmüller goes about keeping systems running continuously all over the world.

Safety is a top priority even in miniature machines

The requirements placed on miniature machines are becoming ever more stringent. They must be as compact and economical as possible and, at the same time, ensure safe operation with secure emergency stop switches. In AM2C's machinery manufacture facilities, Weidmüller electronics components are saving a considerable amount of space.

Keeping a track on safety

With a solution package made up of an uninterruptible power supply, Power over Ethernet switches and surge protection for Ethernet applications, Weidmüller is guaranteeing a stable voltage and data supply for surveillance cameras.

Tackle power supply economically

Power supply expert Minwei Xu from Weidmüller explains the properties of the new PROeco series, which combines high performance, failure protection and a low height

Series on "Permanently supplied"

Playing it safe, twice over, with redundancy, smooth operation thanks to uninterruptible power supply, and safe bypasses with buffer modules

Supply and communication in the ship’s control system

GL certified power supply units and Ethernet switches from Weidmüller are used for
S-two’s reliable supply and transmission systems in the harsh maritime environment.