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Referenze e articoli di approfindimento

Approfondisci sulla nostra sezione magazine il tema dell'applicazione pratica del condizionamento di segnali analogici

Configure and monitor with the latest FDT2 technology

FDT2 is one of the most important recent advancements in manufacturer-independent standards for the automation industry. Weidmüller is the first provider to support the enhanced specification with device drivers and a customised frame application.

Subsequent expansions made easy

A customised Weidmüller solution package comprising signal splitters, power-feed modules and rail bus is scoring points in the optimisation measures currently undertaken at a coal-fired power plant in southern Turkey. The main benefits include the impressively low installation costs and savings on materials.

"Industry 4.0 must benefit the end user"

Dr Jan Stefan Michels, Head of Standard and Technology Development, explains how Weidmüller is currently pushing intelligent networking of production – both at a technological and a personal level.

Making production facilities fit for Industry 4.0

As a progressive thinker and trailblazer, Weidmüller already offers concrete solutions that allow producing companies to prepare themselves for the “Internet of Things” and for safe production control from the Cloud – without the need to modernise their entire range of machinery.

Safety is a top priority even in miniature machines

The requirements placed on miniature machines are becoming ever more stringent. They must be as compact and economical as possible and, at the same time, ensure safe operation with secure emergency stop switches. In AM2C's machinery manufacture facilities, Weidmüller electronics components are saving a considerable amount of space.

One for all – and all in the Ex zone

Intrinsically safe, universal and, above all, simple to configure: these are the attributes that make the ACT20X signal conditioners the optimum product for Tyratronics, the Swedish system developer. The module means that they can perform precise and flexible signal conversions as part of their control solutions for gas filling plants.