OMNIMATE Power for power electronics

Your requirements for controllers and regulators are
the driving force behind our connection technology


Semiconductor technology for power electronics has progressed at a steady pace in the last few years. This has enabled more complex drive controllers to be manufactured, e.g. for rotational speed controllers or for precise positioning systems.


So it's more important than ever to take advantage of connection technology that you can trust now and in the future.


We specialise in industrial connectivity connectivity; our connectivity solutions for the power electronics sector are backed by our comprehensive, real-world expertise. Take advantage of several selected applications to learn more about our OMNIMATE Power device connectivity components.

Power supplies
 OMNIMATE Power - High-current PCB terminal LXXX 15.0

Reliable device connections are essential to meet the maximum power and voltage requirements found in all power electronics applications. Our OMNIMATE Power series of terminals and connectors provide you with many unique features while still ensuring maximum safety and reliability. Our high-current PCB terminal LXXX 15.0, for example, allows you to transmit 150 A/1000 V, using wires up to 50 mm², directly to the circuit board.

Intermediate circuits
 OMNIMATE Power - PCB connectors for IT systems

Our connections provide a touch-protection shield on both sides of the plug-in connection, which helps to minimise the risk from high inverse voltages. This supports the device approval process in accordance with IEC 68100-5-1. Our PCB connectors for IT systems are a particular highlight. In order to comply with  IEC 61800-5-1:2007, IT mains systems must account for 400 volts relative to earth. The touch protection gap thus increases from 3 mm for 400-V TN systems to 5.5 mm for 400-V IT systems. These extended requirements are fully met throughout our IT range.

Motor connections
 OMNIMATE Power hybrid

This interface typically requires connections for the motor voltage, internal temperature sensor and possibly also mechanical brakes. Depending on the application, a connection to an encoder or resolver may also be required.


Our hybrid motor connector needs only one plugging operation to simultaneously connect power, signals and cable shielding. This helps you to save space on the circuit board and on the housing's exterior. The one-handed, auto-interlock mechanism speeds up your installation and maintenance procedures. It is easy to handle and interlocks automatically – even in hard to reach installation positions.

Learn in this brochure how well the vast range of our OMNIMATE product line meets your requirements for drive controllers and regulators.